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I decided that my best chance for finding such a man was the New York Review of Books. It was expensive, but I wasn’t interested in “dating Darwinism” so I wrote the check and crossed my fingers.

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With an international circulation of 140,000, The New York Review of Books has established itself, according to The New York Times, as “one of the most influential and admired journals of its kind.” The New York Review has been called by Esquire “the premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language.” With its high standard of reviewing and deep list of qualified contributors, stands out as one of the most impactful cultural forces of our time.

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The New York Review of Books (blog)“There are two ways, perhaps, of looking at Franciso Goya,” writes Colm Tóibín in the Review's December 18, 2014 issue. In the first version, Goya, who was born near Zaragoza in 1746 and died in exile in France in 1828, “was almost innocent, a serious ...

The New York Review of Books publishes mostly men, and in that, they're not alone, joined by pretty much every major print magazine in this country. But the NYRB's editor, Robert Silvers, responded to a criticism of their mostly-maleness this week with an amazing, somewhat baffling form letter. The letter, which was sent to multiple people who complained about a specific issue of the magazine, lists every woman the NYRB has printed in the last year. That didn't take long, considering there were 40 of them total, compared to 215 or so male reviewers. Happy now, ladies?The New York Review of Books is available as a digital edition exact replica of the print edition, which can be read on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and select Android devices. When you subscribe to the digital edition via one of our partners, they will provide instant access to the current issue after downloading their free app. You’ll be able to see every page exactly as it appears in print, zoom in on photos and maps, and read text-only versions of articles.