Gateway LT21 Netbook Review – Top Features

Also be aware that Netbooks are changing very quickly. The Wikipedia inventory of is huge, especially considering that the first Netbook was released only a year ago. By the time the electrons dry on a Netbook review, something in it is outdated.

Gateway LT21 Netbook Review – Drawbacks and things to keep in mind

Toshiba Mini NB305 Netbook Review – 6.25/7 The Toshiba Mini NB305 is an update to one of our favorite netbooks – the NB205. Making a late entrance into the market, the NB205 stood out with an excellent keyboard, solid chassis and great battery life. Let’s see how the Pine Trail NB305 has been kitted out [...]

Gateway LT21 Netbook Review – Ratings

Gateway LT21 Netbook Review – Our Recommendation

It seems like yesterday that I was reviewing Chris Eagle’s book, but in reality it’s been 3 years. So when I had an opportunity to review , I looked forward to seeing what had changed. And thus a change in the normal extensive EH-Net book review is in order and brevity is the word of the day.