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members of the Recent Graduates committee donated much time and energy to collect the gifts, one of which was the NAPLEX review book donated by Wal-Mart. Many PAAC members also attended the Pharmacy Graduate Recognition Ceremony and greeted new pharmacy graduates at the ceremony reception.

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I just want to let you know that I'm a mother for two boys, 6 and 7 yo. I tried for many months just to start study in the usual Naplex Review books, and with my busy situation, I felt many times, that I will never make it through the Naplex, but when my friend talked to me about your cards, this was my only and last hope, and finaplly I paid and I got the ProntoPass cards, which by all meaning are worth every penny. I started to divide the cards the way you told me, and this was the beginning of my Naplex preparations. And do not get surprised, when I tell you that I finished your cards in 10 days and I only had to study for a few hours while my kids where at school, and while cooking, or doing the laundry. And finally I felt that it is time to take the test after practicing some of the questions from books that I have, (the Q-Bank was not available at that time). To make my story short, I got my score of 125 just because of your help, and your cards, which I still use to study for the clinical law exam in California. Buzz, I do not know how to thank you for these incredible cards, which I believe that you make to put all your experience with Naplex in our hands, especially for the student that has a hard or busy schedule. Buzz, finally I wish that God will bless you and bless your work for us.

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Unlike any other NAPLEX review book, CPR is written in an outline format, making it easy to read and follow. It also includes a helpful array of tables, figures, and charts to reinforce material throughout the text. At the end of each chapter are practice questions with answers and explanations. Other features include detailed pharmaceutical calculations and a chapter on federal pharmacy law.