MINI BOOK REPORT - Cherokee County School District

I asked my 6 year old to write a mini book report about her latest book “Grace For President” and this is her question to herself with the reply.

MINI BOOK REPORT (one per group or book)

Print these bookmarks on sturdy paper (like cardstock) for the best results. These bookmarks can be used to write your name, note new words found while reading, to list the books one has read recently, or to jot down mini book reports while reading.

iRubric: Mini Book Report rubric - H38544: RCampus

Cinderella Mini Book Report by Ali Abbas on Prezi

Students create a mini book report. Provide each student with a sheet of drawing paper. (Younger students might use 11- x 17-inch paper; older students might prefer 8-1/2- x 11-inch paper.) Have students fold the drawing paper in half, then in half again. When they unfold the paper, they will have four boxes of equal size. Then ask students to cut the paper in half along one of the folds, slip one piece of the paper inside the other, and staple the fold to create an eight-page book. Decide in advance what should appear on each page of the students mini book reports. For example, you might assign the pages as follows: