A River Divides Review from Midwest Book Review:

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The Midwest Book Review, November 14, 2015. By, Shirley Priscilla Johnson, Senior Reviewer.

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James A. CoxEditor-in-ChiefMidwest Book Review

I did get a timely and good review from Midwest Book Review and only one copy was sent.

I dunno - I would think that any legitimate book reviewer for the Midwest Book Review would not have an AOL email. It's always a tough call tho whether or not the reviewer is legit. Wonder how the OP made out?

Several of our reviewers switched to the Midwest Book Review as a forum fortheir reviews when their previous print review columns were discontinued inlocal papers and even some national ones.Once you've read those articles germane to book reviewing and the book reviewprocess, go to another section of the MidwestBook Review website called "".I've written extensively on the subject of book reviews and the book reviewprocess. My instructional articles are all archived on the Midwest Book Reviewwebsite .I found that the self-published author was simply dominated by the majorpublishing houses in terms of publicity, financing, marketing, anddistribution. I basically 'found a niche and filled it'. The Midwest BookReview gave small presses, niche publishers, and self-published authorspriority over the big New York publishing houses. This strategy became animmediate success and has continued to be so ever since.A. When the Midwest Book Review began back in 1976, book reviewing was largelythe province literary elite -- mostly located insuch big city venues as New York. The (then) novel idea that launched theMidwest Book Review was to have ordinary people review books and provide aforum through which their book reviews could be given an audience.This policy is retroactive, so if you have ever submitted a book to the Midwest Book Review in the past and it failed to achieve a review assignment from us, then this offer is open to you.