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What’s much more interesting that the revenge element in your post, however, is the fact that so much about us can be revealed to all and sundry via internet. There is room for a much deeper rumination here than your “revenge.” What is revealed, how much, and how that revelation hides other things about us are compelling. After all, in his brief review of your book, Dobx errs on the side of that brevity itself, because the internet encourages us to blurt out incomplete ideas and demands no accountability from us, as either readers OR reviewers. Unlike in our middle school book reports of yore, we are not required to give any kind of balanced reporting–to make sure we actually have comprehended the core of the book before critiquing it, or to present that information along with our critique.

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Richmond: Spoilers is why I don't read my local book reviews any more. These young writers today (sorta kidding) think a plot synopsis satisfies as a review. No -- a good review can give the tone without giving away plot points. Our local reviews read like middle school book reports: a nice synopsis of what happens. Thank you for your good reviews!

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this is so f***** stupid. where the hell is my fade friday? also, where is kyle? he was the only worthwhile writer around here. the rest of you sound like your drafting middle school book reports. kyle probably wised up and realized he should take his bitch slaying powers elsewhere. i imagine him right now clad in only a silk kimono surrounded by at least 10 japanese bitches, all of which are kneeling by his feet, tryna suck his toes.