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To help choose the books most appropriate for the students, AR quizzes are divided into four Interest Levels: Lower Grades (K-3), Middle Grades (4-8), Middle Grades Plus (6 and up), and Upper Grades (9-12). The Interest Levels are based on the recommendations of the publisher and/or literary book reviews by professional organizations. However, the final decision on whether the content of a book is appropriate for a particular student is left to the parents.

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If stand-alone opinion content has its origins in op-ed articles in newspapers, and reviews go back to literary book reviews, comments are rooted in of newspapers and magazines.

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Thanks to this inspired bit of leadership, sales plummeted. The global financial crisis of 2008 proved the . Many newspapers collapsed. Those that survived had to trim sails in view of trimmed sales. Literary book reviews were among the first casualties.

I also suspect that the ways in which publishers categorise a novel has considerable bearing on the way a book is perceived by writers of literary book reviews in newspapers and magazines, and by readers generally. It's easier for readers to recognise publishers' summaries of novels such as 'this is a story about resilience, a story about migration,' which appears at the very end of the back-cover of Love and Vertigo, than it is for them to interpret any longer extract from the book itself, which might suggest themes and categorisations with which they are less familiar.