Lambda Book Report (September 2002)

The purpose of the Awards in the early years was to identify and celebrate the best of lesbian and gay books in the year of their publication. The Awards gave national visibility to a literature that had established a firm if nascent beachhead through a network of dynamic lesbian and gay publishers and bookstores springing up across America. Lambda Book Report, meanwhile, grew into a comprehensive review periodical, and together LBR and the Lambda Literary Awards cemented the reality that a distinct, definable LGBT literature existed. Lambda Literary was created in 1997 as a 501(3)(c) corporation to officially host the Awards and LBR. It’s first Executive Director was Jim Marks.

“The culmination of two decades of superb scholarship, a landmark work.”—Lambda Book Report

SOME DANCE: "As a document of our times and lives, Some Dance to Remember has no peer." -- Jack Garman, Lambda Book Report

Reprinted from LAMBDA BOOK REPORT magazine, June-July 2004 issue.

in Lambda Book Report, Fall 2006, Vol 14:3

The organization began in 1987, when gay bookstore owner L. Page (Deacon) Maccubbin established the Lambda Book Report, a review periodical focused exclusively on books published by LGBT writers.