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Brown's contribution to the HUP list (, out in paperback) tracks the origin and development of the Stagolee legend, chronicled in countless songs from the ragtime era right up until the present day. Delving into a subculture of St. Louis known as "Deep Morgan," CecilBrown emerges with the facts behind the legend to unfold the mystery ofStack Lee and the incident that led to his murder of "Billy" in 1895. The book was one of Esquire's "Best of 2003" and was praised everywhere from the New York and LA Times Book Reviews to Playboy.

LA Times Book Review, Feburary 15, 2004 - Radford University

Carol Muske-Dukes is the author of eight books of poems most recently, Twin Cities (2011), a National Book Award finalist; four novels including the recently published Channeling Mark Twain (2008), an LA Times best seller; and two collections of essays, Married to the Icepick Killer, A Poet in Hollywood (2002) and Women and Poetry (1997). She is a regular critic for the NY Times and LA Times book reviews and was a regular poetry columnist (Poet’s Corner) for the LA Times Book Review for many years. She is a professor of English at USC and the founder of the Ph.D. Program in Creative Writing & Literature. Her many awards include a Guggenheim, NEA, Ingram-Merrill, finalist for the LA Times Book Prize, several NY Times Notable Book citations and six Pushcart Prizes. Carol Muske-Dukes is the former Poet Laureate of California, appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger on November 14, 2008.

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Art-school philosophy prof and generally fun smart-ass Crispin Sartwell has a review of Jamy Ian Swiss’ in today’s LA Times book reviews: . It actually sounds like a pretty cool book; maybe I’ll pick it up when I finish The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which just arrived today.