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It's really good that you're looking for professional critique - that's a really helpful thing to have! However, a Kirkus book review might well be the wrong address.

Kirkus Book Review: A Cat Will Play

In this picture book, two boys plan to catch Santa’s elves on Christmas Eve when they deliver new sets of pajamas.

Kirkus Book Review: A Cat Will Play.


Max Timm, Director of Community Outreach
A Wisconsin native and Columbia College Chicago grad, Max was brought on to the ISA team after six years as the Director of Development at Writers Boot Camp. His primary focus with the ISA is "writer-first", and spearheads the mission of bringing ISA writers closer to the ISA Industry Professionals. With a concentration on creative customer service and support, Max is playing a hands-on role of helping writers bridge the gaps in their careers. Despite being a consultant, screenwriting instructor, and creative executive, Max is also a writer and recently released his first novel in November of 2013 titled, The WishKeeper. A Young Adult Fantasy adventure about a rebellious fairy with broken wings, The WishKeeper has received praise from all ages including critical acclaim from The Midwest Book Review and the well-established, Kirkus Book Review. Learn more about Max and his book at .