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hi dj,
i'm planning to take the test sometime around october, i would like to know if the GMAT og would suffice or do i need more study material? i want to know if the og covers both the quant and verbal section or it's just a general review? i happen to have 2003 kaplan review book of a friend, it that of any use?

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Personally, I used the purple Kaplan Review book from 2012 when I was prepping for my test. But as any good student would have you know, one review book might not be sufficient enough to instruct you fully. Because the majority of the test prep books on the market obviously aren't generated by the College Board itself, you may be practicing with questions that are easier than those on the test itself. To guarantee that you're not cheating yourself out of a solid SAT education, make sure to diversify your sources of information:

Will purchase Kaplan review book for my retest.

This is a good Kaplan Review book

This recent release by Kaplan has a great content quality-wise, and also reliable in simulating a real NCLEX-RN exam. Kaplan 2014-2015 is not recommended for those who have purchased the other Kaplan book released one year prior. But where value is concerned, the new Kaplan NCLEX review book is relatively affordable; another sole equipment needed to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.