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Some people have said that James Franco's side projects like his new book Actors Anonymous show him as a "hack". Blogger Anne Helen Peterson called Franco "A good-looking, decently-talented hack who's decided to up his profile by doing kooky, erudite, and unexpected things."

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Reviews of James Franco's new book Actors Anonymous have been less than enthusiastic.

The final lines of the James Franco book review in the Boston Globe were especially damning, calling it a "vanity project": "It gets harder to stick with "Actors Anonymous" the further in you get, no matter how many names Franco throws at us, no matter how many allusions he makes to his own career. Like many vanity projects, the book is destined to appeal to few beyond its creator."

James Franco also recieved many negative reviews for his short story book Palo Alto from readers, one Amazon review: "The author fails to find anything remotely insightful to say in these 11 amazingly underwhelming stories."

Is James Franco a "hack"? Is James Franco's new book Actors Anonymous a "vanity project"? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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