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Frames provide a valuable way to organize ideas for book reports. Identify the components required for your student’s report, as these will vary at different ages and grade levels. Create a frame for each component and help your child work with one frame at a time to complete the report.

21 Creative and FUN Ideas for Book Reports

When you hear the words "book report," what comes to mind? Boring mundane busy work? Well, what if I told you that book reports could be fun, creative, and engaging? This workbook by Teacher Created Resources is full of ideas for book reports and literary projects that your children will never call "boring." These reports go beyond the typical one page essays and challenge your children to not only read the book and apply what they read, but to also think creatively and use their imagination. The best part is the fact that the work is done for you (the teacher), as all you need to do is find the title you would like your child to read, select a project that best goes along with the title, and then photocopy the worksheets that contain the instructions and writing space needed to complete the project. This workbook also makes finding good books to read easier as there are Newbery Award Winners, California Young Reader Medal Winners, and Caldecott Medal Winners listed on the last few pages! As I was skimming through this workbook I found all sorts of fun projects that I would have loved to do. Idea #21 suggests your child read a book about a famous historical character. Then they create a History Interview Chart where they list things that were different or unique about the person or character's life in comparison to today. Next they interview an adult member of your family, such as a grandparent, and report on the similar things they recorded in regards to the character of the book they read. Idea #14 prompts your child to write a commercial regarding a book they just read to try and get others to read it. Other projects have children designing compare and contrast charts, timelines, puzzles, trading cards, puppets, masks, and other fun creations. Several projects also include your child playacting, interviewing, packing their bag for faraway travel, filling a time capsule, and writing their own version of the story. Most of the projects stand well on their own in regards to educational content, but some of the ideas are more entertaining than educational, so you may want to tweak them a bit by adding a writing assignment or combining it with another project. The possibilities are endless! Who knew book reports could be so fun? 112 pgs, pb. elise

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Twelve Ideas for book report

Regardless, the goal when looking at ideas for book reports is to think about topics that would educate but also entice the reader or listener into learning more. Powerful book report ideas are meant to broaden a person's knowledge so when choosing, you want to keep this in mind. We wanted to provide you with some options on book report ideas for a variety of topics.