How to Write a Good Book Review: Revisions and Wrapping it up.

Part 3:How to Write a Good Book Review: Revisions and Wrapping it up.Our concern here is writing for the high-speed world of the Internet. Your review can be published as a blog or an article - or even a comment on Amazon or some other online bookseller. In any case, the Internet has a memory which doesn't quit.You want to make sure you don't have spelling errors. Grammar is a second thought - but remember, writing for the web often throws out the most polished and correct Academic prose in favor of reaching your audience and getting them to buy (or ignore) the book you're reviewing.While most articles on book reviews say to write it carefully, set it aside, and then come back for your revisions - often you don't have this luxury in an online review. Your keynote is speed and accuracy. While it's good to review it after you write, your break will more than likely be one to the refrigerator, to your e-mail, or to another blog post. Your break is in terms of minutes, not days. Then come back and look for obvious errors to correct. Look at it from the viewpoint of your potential reader, not your own. Then change it only if it helps your reader understand what you're trying to get across.If you're happy with it, publish it. That simple. Revise until happy.Once you've done a few of these and submitted them, you can start posting book reviews all over the place - and with your byline, it will raise your credibility. That credibility is essential to any marketing or promotion you are doing. If you post your book reviews on article directories, they'll come to your site to find out more about you. Or, preferably, opt-in to your mailing list or RSS feed so they can get more information from you on a regular basis.

So here are some tips on how to write a good book review and make some writers very, very happy!

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