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"While other resources will give you a few tips on how to secure book reviews, if you are serious about creating a marketing plan, then Dana Lynn Smith's book, How to Get Your Book Reviewed is one you'll want in your book marketing arsenal."

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Sell More Books with Reviews, Testimonials and Endorsements

Book reviews are powerful tools for getting your book noticed and influencing potential customers to buy. In the ultimate guide to profiting from book reviews, you'll find everything you need to confidently pursue reviews, endorsements, and testimonials. Here's what you will learn:

> Why reviews, endorsements and testimonials are critical to book selling success

> How the review process works and where to get book reviews

> How books are selected (or rejected) for review

> How to save time and money and increase your success rate by developing a solid review strategy.

> The pros and cons of sending queries vs. sending books to potential reviewers

> How bad reviews affect books sales (the answer may surprise you)

> What to do if you get a negative review

> 6 things you should never do when seeking book reviews

> How to deal with the bias against self-published books

> How to encourage loyal followers to review your book prior to publication

> The best ways to get book reviews and testimonials from customers

> Strategies for attracting 5-star reviews on Amazon

> How to harness the power of virtual reader communities like Goodreads

> How to get bloggers buzzing about your nonfiction book

> The secrets to working successfully with book bloggers to get book reviews

> How to find the best blogs to contact about book reviews

> How to plan a successful virtual book tour

> Strategies for increasing your odds of a review in a major book journal

> Where to find literary magazines and newspapers

> Tips for researching and working with the media

> The best ways to use book reviews to reach and influence book buyers.

> And more

In How to Get Your Book Reviewed, you'll also get:

> 14 case studies with real life examples of how reviews work

> A sample book announcement press release written by an award-winning publicist

> Dozens of hyperlinks to valuable resources

> Words of wisdom from two dozen top book marketing experts and authors

> Links to major book journals

> No fluff — just well-organized, practical advice and resources.

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How to Get Your Book Reviewed

"The potential that reviews have to boost an author from obscurity into the stratosphere are mind-boggling. How to Get Your Book Reviewed is the definitive guide for any writer who wants to get their book noticed. I highly recommend this book!" (Read the full review .)