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How to Get Your Book Reviewed

What author doesn’t want to know how to get book reviews? In this intense audio training program, you will learn how to get reader reviews, reviews on popular and influential online review sites, and literary reviews from prominent media outlets that reach and influence your readers. Reviews sell books – make sure you get your share and make things happen for your book! This 60-minute audio program that you can download and listen to immediately includes an eight-page bonus download that lists review sites.

"As a result of my reading this book, I feel confident to venture into the marketplace with my debut novel. What once was a mysterious process now makes perfect sense. Dana Lynn Smith knows just how to speak the author's language by appealing to our longing for long-term writing success. How To Get Your Book Reviewed is the On Writing of obtaining and implementing quality book reviews.""I was highly impressed with How To Get Your Book Reviewed. It is crammed with useful, practical advice that any writer could apply to generate more reviews of their books and potentially boost their sales many times over. This isn't just a guide to getting more book reviews, but also about obtaining endorsements, testimonials and customer feedback, and using all of them to promote your book as powerfully and effectively as possible. As such, it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive guide to this subject I have seen, and I plan to refer to it frequently when promoting my own titles in future." "While other resources will give you a few tips on how to secure book reviews, if you are serious about creating a marketing plan, then Dana Lynn Smith's book, How to Get Your Book Reviewed is one you'll want in your book marketing arsenal."How To Get Book Reviews One of the biggest reasons why a book doesn’t sell is because it has little to no reviews. Books with a low number of reviews get passed by quickly. Not Fair Right? I know… We’ve Got To Stop The Madness and finally get more reviews for our books! You can’t deny…