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[…] a Lexile search, we turned to Junior Library Guild’s back lists, Mackin Compendium lists, and SLJ and Horn Book reviews. For us, this amounted to standard research procedure, but it sure looked like […]

Horn Book Review - Peter Lourie

The announced their shortlists for the 2013 National Book Awards on Wednesday, October 16th. Here’s how the Horn Book reviewed their selections in the Young People’s Literature category.

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Horn Book reviews of nature books for kids from Dawn Publications.

I’m more than a little stunned to learn in this comments thread that Horn Book reviews were reassigned because a reviewer pointed out what she felt was a harmful stereotype in one case and a lack of awareness of current research in another. And even more stunned to hear that those reviews would still be reassigned today. Really? When so many people are saying that they *want* learn and want to be more aware? Sadly, it makes me wonder what other voices are being quieted here.