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I observed Mr. Manship produce the C-span historical book review on George Washington and coordinate a wide range of content experts. James is gifted at reaching ages 5 to 95 and is excellent at adapting to the interests of groups. He is invited to speak at corporate events, business associations, and conferences across America. James has appeared 5 times before the Virginia House of Delegates to receive a standing ovation on Washington's Birthday. He is respected for his knowledge on the Constitution, grand jury, Jefferson and Madison. I am aware that James is called upon by writers for his skills in researching and editing. James is recognized by more than 40 county and national newspapers. He has spoken in 33 county seats named for George Washington and 48 states.

Writing a Historical Book Review

Howlong should your historical book review be? It is difficult to assigna "normal" length, as books and individual writing styles differ,but, , a well-written review that addresses the pointsdetailed below will be approximately 1250 words (five pages). It'sdifficult to address all the points below in fewer than five pages.

Each review should contain three main elements: first, a clearidentification of the author’s main point, or THESIS; second, the DEVELOPMENT,or the manner in which the author the thesis; finally, yourCRITIQUE of the work.


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