Harry Potter Book Series Review

Racism, Religion, and Blind Patriotism are all key themes found in Bioshock Infinite. I would love to go into detail about how the use of these themes impacted me in the game. Doing so would take away from the story. Just like a big summer blockbuster or a book, the story is a big part of the attraction of Bioshock Infinite. The story far outshines what they have done with the gameplay. So instead of telling you that “he is already dead,” like what happened to me before I saw the Sixth Sense, or “Dumbledore dies,” as what happened to my wife in the Harry Potter book review she heard the day it came out--I will let you experience it all for yourself.

Harry Potter Adult Books Review English Edition

harry potter book review part 1

Harry Potter Book Review: 7 Books in 7 Minutes