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2. Show children a book review on the overhead transparency from the back of a book. (A collection of book reviews can be made by having great book reviews found in newspapers, magazines etc. copied onto a transparency.) Have children add to their individual web what other characteristics they see included in book reviews. If a projector is available the book reviews can be searched online as a class and discussed. If not, the children can go to the following web pages:

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The Great Gatsby Book Review - Reviews & Age Ratings

How to Write a Great Book Review (Or at Least How Not to Write a Bad One)

“Dune” is my favourite. I have read “Dune” eighty billion times. When I was little, I used to finish it, and then just start again. If you are my real-life Facebook friend, you already know that I list my religion as (sort of a ninja-witch-priestess-courtesan-scholar, for the uninitiated). Which is nerdy, but, then, I am also planning on naming my first masculine child and if that offends you, look elsewhere for your lazy, self-indulgent book reviews. Try the Guardian! (That’s a joke, they have great book reviews.)