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I definitely don’t want to come across as the GRE book review curmudgeon: I’m only trying to be honest. None of those books are up to task of preparing one for the GRE. For one, all were published before the actual test had been administered. While the books could easily have been updated with questions that actually reflect those on the actual test, the latest editions are the exact same books. Simply put, the usual publishers don’t seem interested in providing quality content :(.

Manhattan GRE Book Review - CrunchPrep GRE

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Manhattan GRE Books Review – #1 Book in GRE Test Prep

Gre Prep Book Reviews 2012 - lorscredheire

Welcome to Magoosh’s annual roundup of GRE book reviews. There were some changes in the last year, so pay close attention to our 2015 GRE book reviews and recommendations.