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This is another of Phil’s ‘, a series of articles which have been compiled into a book that has been enjoyed for several years by IT staff.

‘Confessions of an IT Manager is a book form of a series of articles first written for Simple-Talk by a seasoned IT manager who tries to explore the real world of work in IT rather than the world as we'd like to think it is. By writing under a pseudonym he is able to get uncomfortably close to real life, real events and believable people, describing experiences and predicaments that were occasionally painful, sometimes profitable but always funny.’ (Google Books review)
A great read, with a lot of substance, the book will be enjoyed a lot more by those who have some experience in the field. There are moments where laughter is inevitable so it's not a good choice of reading in the office while you pretend to be deeply concerned by some technical issue. ‘ (Google Books review)

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