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"This is a hands-on, excellent guidebook for getting your book reviewed. I devoured it, and post-it-noted it and intend to use the heck out of it. I'm always for a book that nails a point and avoids the fluff. This is my kind of read."

Writing a book is hard enough. Getting book reviews can drive an author to distraction.

Michael Chibnik is editor of , the AAAs leading journal, and supports the AAA book review initiative. Based on his experiences getting book reviews published, he knows that there are issues that will need to be solved as the platform moves ahead. “Expediting the process on the front end is important, but some of the major reasons for delays in book reviews are at the back end — deciding which books to review, finding reviewers, giving reviewers time to read the book and write the review, prodding late reviewers (some who never turn in the review), and editing the review once it is turned in.”

United Kingdom)'s review of NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Reviews

As a newly published author, getting book reviews can be a challenge, but it’s certainly not insurmountable.

"Getting book reviews is a strategy any author can use, and Dana’s book will show you how. It’s a dig-to-bedrock compendium of information on getting book reviews and related topics. As such, it’s a valuable addition to any author’s bookshelf."