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Okay, so now that you are convinced you need reviews, Dana shows you how to get them. This is a very thorough book with live links in the e-book version. She has three sections basically--by the way, she's thought of everything!--the book review process: how it works and how to submit, different places where you can get your book reviewed (you will read about places you never thought of), and what to do with the reviews once you have them to create sales. She also goes into the pitfalls of book reviews, so you will be aware of what can happen if things don't go exactly as you hoped.

Here are a few websites for getting your book reviewed (there are many others out there):

Look for organizations in your field that send large-volume emails. Try to get your book reviewed in their email or newsletter. When the number of people receiving the emails is 100,000 or more it's sometimes referred to as an email blast.

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How to get your book reviewed

I have to admit, as a book blogger, this article has made me a little paranoid! I often advocate authors reaching out to book bloggers in a genuine way, but the specific tips are going to leave me wondering if an author I’ve just met is agreeing with me because they really agree, or agreeing with me to get on my good side. : That seems a little opportunistic to me; the thing to remember about us is that we’re just real folks writing about books because we love to write about books. It’s going to hurt a lot if we figure out you were only enthusiastic to get your book reviewed… and word gets around among book bloggers, you know?