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STM Publications has published ( 22 ) books and encourage book review publishing. Since, STM Journals has a robust team of editors & publishers with decades of expertise in their field for publishing, a ready book review or editing as per requirements to get a book review ready is of utmost importance for a successful publish out in the market.

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“As a frequent receiver of books via WE Magazine for women, it would never occur to me to purchase a book from a total stranger (someone I don’t know, have not met, or even heard of). If someone wants a book review from ANYONE and they are soliciting the review, the least he or she can do is send a copy! Obviously that guy does not have a publicist or anyone who could guide him If he did, that would never have happened. Heidi you might want to write about what it takes to get a book review on your site and then when anyone does solicit you, send them to the link. I did that and it became a huge time-saver. I simply send them the link which outlines our “rules” and then if someone wants to send a book to me, they know what to expect.”

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Panelists who have extensive experience engaging with authors, editors, and texts from the university press world will discuss ways participants can work on building their brand while extending their reach to wider publics. If our mission and work is focused on bringing great works of scholarship into national and international dialogues, how might we best capitalize on our efforts? This webinar will present ways to broaden our impact as a community that go beyond strategies to get a book review or get national TV placement.