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[…] This is a standard for small space gardening. Bartholemew presents his method for laying out your vegetable gardens in square foot increments. The results are a better producing garden with less effort. A win-win situation indeed! See our Urban Garden Casual book review. […]

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews

Best Gardening Books with Reviews by Lucinda at Texas Ready Liberty Seed Banks. If the internet went away do you have the knowledge you need to live off of your garden? These resources will help you do that.

1. Learn which out of the thousands of gardening books is #1.
2. Learn how to grow 90 plants in a 3' x 4' area.
3. Learn how to grow enough food and raise livestock from a 1/4 acre to feed a family of four.
4. Learn how to make shampoo and charcoal, grow fruit trees and which breed of chicken to select.
5. Learn which books come as a bonus in the Texas Ready Liberty seed banks.
6. Learn how to keep your soil healthy.
7. Learn how to hand pollinate your garden in case of bee colony collapse.
8. Learn how to keep your heirloom plants and seeds free from the silent killer.
9. Learn how to extend and preserve your harvest by canning meat, fruits and vegetables.


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Garden Book Review: The Bountiful Container

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