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I literally couldn't believe it when I saw WINTERSWEET take its first tentative steps onto the Amazon Best Sellers list. Don't be too impressed: This was a subcategory of a subcategory of the Cookbook list. If you took all of the cookbooks and eliminated everything except books on Entertaining and Holidays and then eliminated everything that wasn't Seasonal, THEN I was on the list. I swear, if you go down the rabbit hole deep enough, you might find an old fourth grade book report you once wrote. But still! It was there. I have proof.

I don't want to bombard you with book stuff on this blog, but my ability to keep writing for a modest living instead of taking a job I hate is directly proportional to how well this book sells.

Fourth Grade Book Report Guide - St Francis De Sales School

This is about you. This is about making sure that you can do the maximum damage with the minimum effort. This is about getting attention. This is about your greasy pony tail and your uncontrolled anger and your mom nagging you about doing something with your life. This is about the really great book you never found the time to write. This is about retribution for the “C” you got on that fourth grade book report. Go you!

Fourth Grade Book Report Form - Charity Christian Academy

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My mum was constantly putting too hard books in my hands. For a fourth grade book report, I read most of Golda Mier’s autobiography. Did I understand a lot of it? No. Do I remember a lot of it? No. But it made me a super confident reader and made want to do things that others might have thought were too hard.