Other sources for finding book reviews include:

The will provide you with further information on where to find book reviews. Some also contain full reproductions or excerpts of book reviews on very specific topics.

Use this guide to find book reviews from print and electronic sources.

Lexis-Nexis is an invaluable source for reviews of foreign-language books, particularly forrecently published books. To find book reviews of foreign-language books through Lexis-Nexis,follow the search outlined below.

You may also find book reviews in , and , among others.

Find book reviews in journals published between 1802 and the 1990s.

To find book reviews, simply search by book title and/or author in these indexes and databases. Some of these databases are fairly specific, so its often best to start with the more general databases and work your way to the more specific ones as you go. Please feel free to ask for help!