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A previous NIE curriculum guide focuses on writers, books and the review of books. Teachers are encouraged to peruse . It includes guidelines for younger and older students to write a book reviews as well as examples of book reviews from The Post’s Book World.

Some great examples of book reviews can be found at  in author/reviewer Susan's Whitfield's column.

The following is an example of book review thoroughness and points out the mechanics of how the story is put together, then what he thought of it all:

Eating Disorders: Examples Of Book Reviews

That said, let’s get back to the example of book review data that I’ve compiled for you.

Start a blog specifically for book reviews. Remind students that a book review describes a book and explains positive and negative aspects. You may want to read a few examples of book reviews and practice writing a few together. Then invite students to write reviews of books they read in class or independently. They can rate the books with stars or thumbs up. This will provide a forum for students to share their favorite and least favorite books and start a discussion amongst each other in the comments section. It also provides a venue where students can get age-appropriate book recommendations from their peers.

In my opinion, no real format exists for writing book reviews. Writing help may not be needed. Examples of book review variations are presented down the page.The example of book review material in the following two reviews, from one couple and one man, are from high school friends with whom I seldom associated.Another example of book review completeness was given by a friend In Arizona who recently passed away, so his site is no longer available. However, considering this reviewer was a producer/publisher of books on CD, his words truly made my heart flutter! Here's a brief sample of his comments:
An example of book review comments could create a very long list. As you can see, simply follow your heart. Write your opinion, what you think and feel, when you are ready to write a book review.