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A good sample book review would pertain to writing your personal feelings about a book that you’ve read. Writing a book review is not to be confused with writing a summary of a book. Writing a summary is a totally different matter and that will be covered eventually in my Articles section. In my opinion, no real format exists for writing book reviews. Writing help may not be needed. An example of book review variations is shown below. Some rules do apply, however, and you will see that they are loose and easy to apply. On this page, you will find reviews pertaining to my paranormal Egyptian fantasy novel, The Ka. You can also… Read and analyze the first chapter of The Ka.

Some great examples of book reviews can be found at  in author/reviewer Susan's Whitfield's column.

Fortunately, lots of people write much more, as you can see in this example of book review data that I've put together. Doing so gives the author a more detailed sense of how their book is be accepted.

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That said, let’s get back to the example of book review data that I’ve compiled for you.

There are ways, however, in which you can use in-copyright materials. One is to get permission from the rightsholder (initially the creator), this permission is usually given via licenses. You can get licenses through organisations called Collective Rights Management Organisations or through creators directly (sometimes using ). The second option of using in-copyright material is to follow the rules of exceptions and limitations that your jurisdiction has. , often shortened to E&L’s are what the name says they are: exceptions and limitations to the monopoly that is copyright. These vary a lot per jurisdiction (also within the European Union) but a common one is the exception of citation. You are allowed to prove a point by citing a small section of a copyrighted work, without asking prior permission. This is used by for example book reviews, citing the writing style as being poetic and giving three sentences to prove this.

You can also see a sample book review or two (or more!) that I received for my first novel, . That example of book review comments is just as exciting!The example of book review material in the following two reviews, from one couple and one man, are from high school friends with whom I seldom associated.