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Sheer Control by Zara Lynne is an Erotic Book Review and a new feature at The Dirty Pond. Submit your erotic ebook for potential review by inquiring via the Contact Form here at The Dirty Pond. If I’m interested in reading and reviewing your book, you will need to send a free reviewer’s copy for Kindle. And now the review: Not all marriages are traditional and vanilla in nature when it comes to sex. Author Zara Lynne, had been writing about voyeuristic husbands and how they enjoy watching their wives partake in sexual encounters with other men, before she began publishing her high quality erotica. Every married couple has individual and shared sexual fantasies. And in Zara Lynne’s exquisitely written erotic...

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We at Deviant Divas Erotic Book Review are looking for erotica and erotica romance authors established or non-established for submission for our free section of our website called Do Lunch.

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The Spider Garden - erotic book review by Reviewette