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Elitist Book Reviews: Yanni, tell us about yourself, and about Subterranean Press.

First off, Kris, we want to thank you for taking the time to chat with us a bit. As per tradition here at Elitist Book Reviews, we want to give you a chance to brag a bit. Tell us (and our readers, of course) what makes you an awesome author. Don’t hold back, modesty isn’t allowed.

Wow. This isn’t in my nature. Tried answering this question twice and found that my Midwestern upbringing and my natural reticence make it impossible to do. So gee, I guess, um…all I can say is read my stuff and find out.

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Welcome to another completely superior review by us guys here at Elitist Book Reviews. The chosen book this time around is  by .

“Lloyd’s Twilight Reign contains all the things we feel are lacking in the Wheel of Time. Danger. Death. Consequences. . . . If you aren’t reading this series, you are doing yourself an immense disservice.”
—Elitist Book Reviews Reviews

“If your teen is bored with vampires and wizards, FAIR COIN is a smart and fun change from the current YA scene.”

– Vanessa, Elitist Book Reviews []This time around is . This is Role Playing Game designed by two good friends of Elitist Book Reviews: Howard Tayler and Alan Bahr. Do those name sound familiar? They should. Howard Tayler is best known for his . Alan Bahr is a game designer, and one of the reviewers here at EBR. Both are great friends, and great people.