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Our first deadline was in late January 2004. For the editorial staff, it was an extensive and time-consuming process of reading, revising, and communicating with both the authors and the Faculty Editorial Board. In the end, the collaboration published one research paper, one research essay, and three editorial book reviews. This first issue of History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research was published on April 28, 2004 on an earlier version of this website.

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At the second level, paid editors write editorial book reviews trying to influence buyers to buy a specific book; these are sometimes quoted from other media sources and other times are produced for Amazon by its own employees; mostly, they are commercial in nature resembling the promotional material found on the back–cover blurb which McGrath decries. The primary objective of these reviews is to offer readers a professional, well–written, mostly positive review of the item for sale.

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Dr. Hornbein's research has focused on the stimuli which prompt animals to breathe, particularly carotid body and central chemosensors and the regulation of brain acid base balance. His studies have yielded over 100 journal articles and book chapters. He also maintained editorial responsibilites for High Altitude: An Exploration of Human Adaptation, co-edited with Robert Schoene, M.D., which included more than twenty contributing authors. His editorial responsibilities have extended to the American Physiological Society, as an editor and book reviewer and to scholarly journals such as Anesthesiology and the Journal of Applied Physiology.