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Here are some online tools to help you get started:

Google Docs

Description: Web-based word processor that allows multiple students to work on the same document simultaneously.


Description: Online concept mapping tool for brainstorming and outlinine.


Description: Easy to use Wiki creation tool. Teachers can request an ad-free wiki site for classroom use.

Read, Write, Think

Description: A collection of online tools for writing and literacy support.

Book Report Sandwich Station

Description: Fun and easy book report tool to help students break a book report into seven components. Final reports can be printed.

Writing with Writers

Description: Online writing activities from several children’s authors. After completing the activities, students can submit their own writing for publication on the Scholastic Web site.

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We know that almost all students do not think that book reports can be easy to make. We also know that because of those annoying book reports students begin to hate reading books at all. Yet, you definitely should not give up reading, but instead learn how to write easy book reports.

In fact, making any book report should be easy if you have enough time for that and if you have read the necessary book. But, when you face a completely different situation (you neither have time nor have read a book), skills of writing easy book reports will be very useful. Thus, check out some good recommendations on how to prepare an easy book report.

Easy book reports: tip 1

You have to start with solving the main problem, which boils down to your unawareness of what a book is all about. Fortunately, with the help of the Internet this problem can be solved easily. Have you heard about such resources as Shmoop, SparkNotes, or PinkMonkey? There you will find not only plot summaries, but also discussions of the main themes, possible essay questions, etc.

Easy book reports: tip 2

Do you actually get the gist of a book report? Or, do you know the difference between a book report and a book review? Reports are more factual rather than personal. This means that in your easy book report you may not share your feelings and deep impressions from the book, which definitely makes your work less complicated. You can simply provide some details about its author, publication, and a plot overview.

Easy book reports: tip 3

Finally, after you figure out what the book is about, do not get down to writing your easy book report straight away. Make a brief outline that will cover some basic points: its settings, main characters, period of time, plot.

So, this is how easy book reports are made. We also suggest you read about a and an .

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So I did, what I always do. I look for something to help him do better and I designed an easy book report sheet that he can use and will make it easier for him.