Science Simplified: The Perfect Earth Science Regents Review Book

Dorothy Edwards holds a BS degree in Geography with concentrations in GIS and remote sensing from James Madison University. She currently teaches earth science at Strasburg High School in Strasburg, Va and has nine years of teaching experience. She demonstrates leadership with her involvement in statewide assessment by developing a pacing guide, holding testing review sessions, and writing an Earth Science Review Book for the Virginia State Assessment. As a result of attending the Pulsar Search program at NRAO Green Bank her students now access GBT data to search for undiscovered pulsars. In addition, she received grant funding from both the Moore Education Trust and University of Colorado Boulder/Stanford University for her students to build a radio telescope array and use the Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Detection Monitor. She is currently involved a group who is founding the Virginia Earth Science Teachers Association. Her nominator Chris Georgarakis writes "She believes that among her students are future leaders of the community, the state and the country and that it is part of the responsibility of the classroom teacher to not only teach the content but to help them understand why it is important to their lives and how they will use it once they are finished with their education."

Earth Science Standards Review Workbook

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2011 Earth Science Regents Review Book Answers