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This is the second in a series of e-book reader reviews I am conducting here on the Huffington Post. Please see the list at the end of this review for links to my previously posted reviews. regularly for future installments of this series.

IQ Sound iView 700EB-T e-book reader review

With the explosion of tablet PCs as a must-have gadget among the tech nerds, having a dedicated e-reader has become a bit impractical. Why have an e-reader when you can read everything you can in it with a colorful tablet that has all the bells and whistles? However, if a majority of Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader reviews were to be believed, then the great experience of reading a book using it will somewhat change the opinion stated earlier.

Sharper Image Literati WIFI e-book Reader Review

If not please tell me where I can go to get e-book reader reviews

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