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With all this considered, this Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350 E-Book Reader review concludes that there are a number of things to like about this small reader. However, if Sony wants to make this model a real competitor with the big boys of the e-reader market, wireless functionality is of utmost importance.

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In summary, this Bookeen Cybook Orizon E-Book Reader review commends the Orizon’s sleek design, the ability for users to organize their library, WiFi connectivity and ease of use. Each unit also has 150 pre-loaded books. However, some points that could be improved include the screen contrast between the background and text, which the E-Ink readers have mastered and the absence of 3G, direct home button and protective covering.

Nook Color e-book reader review | Consumer Reports

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Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader reviews also agree in the device’s energy efficiency. The only times when the unit uses power is when a user has to turn a page or when having to surf to get a book or use its internet function. With regular use, the Kindle can still be on for more than a month without charging. On standby mode, Amazon claims the model’s battery can actually last for two months.