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Hi, My name is Hayley Cooper, and I am in Grade 7. In my IT we were learning how to do Digital Book Reports, and we had to do one of our own. I focussed on the Hunger Games Books. So, this is my Digital Book Report, Enjoy :)

Digital Book Reports - Teaching

Also a multimedia presentation, the digital book report is meant to teach an audience about a book. Include photos, videos, and music to show characters, plotlines, settings, author information, and other major elements of the book you read.

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Digital Book Report by Andrew Budiman on Prezi

Ever since the first book was written, teachers have assigned book reports to students. This means that Fred Flintstone, Pharaoh and even your grandparents had to hand in book reports….but the format has changed over the years. Flintstone used slabs of stone, Pharaoh used hieroglyphics on papyrus and your grandparents actually used typewriters to create their book reports. Nothing much has changed over the last few thousand years; book reports all involved inscribing words on a surface and having your teacher read it. Snore…how BORING! It’s your turn to take the classic book report to the next level, you can create an animated, DIGITAL BOOK REPORT. PowToon’s guides you, step by step, on how to build a clever and entertaining book report movie! Your teacher will not only love this idea, and love watching a video for a change, but I bet she’ll assign it as a project for the whole class! Check out this book report on ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, created by Zoey: