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"The International Journal of Middle East Studies publishes original research on politics, society and culture in the Middle East from the seventh century to the present day. The journal also covers Spain, south-east Europe, and parts of Africa, South Asia, and the former Soviet Union for subjects of relevance to Middle Eastern civilization. Particular attention is paid to the history, politics, economics, anthropology, sociology, literature, and cultural studies of the area and to comparative religion, theology, law, and philosophy. Each issue contains approximately 50 pages of detailed book reviews."

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BV Miracle By Megan MacDonald - Full & Detailed Book Review

This great list is from the system. It has great detailed book reviews if you click on the title. I found many of our favorite new books there that are middle school approved by my daughter and her friends. Also Karen Day is a local author and every kid who has read her books has raved about them!