CPA Review Books: Which is the Best?

I took all four parts of the course online through Golden Gate University as final part of my Master of Accountancy program.

Roger is very engaging in his lectures. He's got a great sense of humor, which is really helpful for those days that you don't feel like studying. And believe me, there will be many of those days. The mnemonics are incredibly useful as well, especially in AUD and REG. He goes over SO many examples and homework problems that have been on prior exams.

His lecture book contains all of the heavily tested areas on the exam, but it is crucial that you check those updates. I took the AUD exam soon after the Clarity Updates went into effect in July 2013. Same situation happened when I took REG because income tax stuff changes annually. My book was filled with 2012 numbers, but I needed the 2013 numbers. He's got a lot of nifty charts in his lecture book that summarize information very well.

The "Homework Book" is Wiley's CPA review book and is the most important resource next to Wiley's CD. Thousands of practice questions with very detailed answers. So crucial to testing you understanding. Wiley's book has some reading material at the beginning of each section, but is probably overkill. Roger's lecture book was sufficient for me. For the record, I read over Information Technology for BEC in Wiley's book.

I used the CD only to gain access to Wiley's online test bank. It's another test bank with thousands of questions. You can take practice quizzes, simulate the real test, track your progress, and see which areas you are struggling and excelling at. The answers in the online test bank aren't as detailed as the Wiley book though. Valuable nonetheless.

The lectures are broken up into 60 - 90 minute chunks, followed by reading, then reviewing the practice questions. Honestly, I don't think 2 - 3 hours is enough for some topics, especially for those who haven't had the exposure in school. I made sure to spend more time reviewing the less familiar topics.

Overall, the course is still excellent. Roger teaches you exactly what you will need to pass the CPA exam. His energy definitely got me through the 10 months of studying.

CPA Exam Review Books - All Parts

No. You need to specifically study for it and you need to study hard. It isn't just, take a couple college classes and wing the exam. The CPA exam is VERY DIFFICULT. Last I heard the pass rate was only 45%. Of course you can retake the failed portions but still. Just goes to show you need to really study for the exam. Go to the library and look at the Becker CPA review book, you'll see the material is rather difficult.

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I completed my CPA 5 years back. I had used Gleim's CPA review book. Their CD contains a large database of questions and answers in the format asked at examination conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.