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Yeah, and it gets weirder, which makes it brilliantly funny. We have been rolling around over here looking at the media pack and what Action Lab Entertainment sent over today and just about digging on this comic enough that we want to go buy it. The cool part is that they are also doing a limited edition cover for this one, realizing that most everyone is going to download it off Comixology, and if you want to cater to collectors, you need to start doing limited edition comic book covers with limited runs. Action Lab is getting this, and it is good to see a smaller independent press taking this kind of risk. Stories about drugged out bunnies are simply not family friendly so this will do well amongst the college set, or just sick and twisted comic book reviewers like ourselves.

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Six months ago, one of our comic book reviewers, Scott West, posted . For Women’s History Month, I got the opportunity to share my list, a list by a female fan of comic books.

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Jonah: [stops shining shoes, jumps to his feet, a look of outrage on his face; the hissing of the forum moderators and comic book reviewers increases in volume to near deafening levels; Jonah points at TL and thunderously yells] Hold, peasant! You will NOT question the Master’s infallibility! Guards! Seize the heretic!

This independent reporter was invited to interview writer, Brian M. , in regard to Issue #18 of (Guardians of the Galaxy In Name Only). Mr. insisted that the interview take place at the headquarters of Comic Book Resources. This reporter arrived at at the designated time and was promptly escorted to a room containing a full size replica of the Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne placed high upon a dais with no visible staircase. A bell rang, and staff of comic book reviewers and forum moderators rushed into the room to form a human staircase leading up to the throne. Chancellor, the one-eyed hunchback known as Jonah, slowly ascended the human staircase to stand behind and to the right of the throne beside a small table containing a vial. A trumpet sounded, and rushed in from a side door, rapidly ascended the human staircase, and plopped down upon the throne. He looked at Jonah and nodded affirmatively. Jonah picked up the vial - now clearly seen to be - squirted some of its content into his hands, and began giving a slow scalp massage. The human staircase of comic book reviewers and forum moderators then dispersed – bowing to , surrounding the Iron Throne, and hissing at this reporter.I agree, it is sad, but life is full of change. This site had such great elements. Intelligent reviews, great connection with other fans and smart humor. It’s hard to find a good comic book review site that does not pander whose hosts are educated, intelligent and fun.