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I was in the first semester of my senior year of college when I was introduced to the IMA and the CMA exam through the IMA’s Student Leadership Conference. I decided that during winter break that year I would study for and take the CMA exam. To achieve that goal I used Gleim’s CMA exam review materials. The CMA Review books expertly outlined all the material that the exam covered and the example questions in the back of each chapter reinforced the concepts. However the most effective part of the Gleim review system was the test prep. The Test Prep allowed you to analyze the types of questions that you struggle with and generate “quizzes” that target only those areas. Through the use of Gleim CMA exam review materials I was able to achieve the highest student score on the CMA exam during the winter 2011 testing window and was awarded the Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award.

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The Gleim CMA Review was a vital component of the strategy I used to successfully pass the CMA exam. Gleim's study materials were succinct, easy to follow and accurately reflected the material tested during the exam. Furthermore, Gleim's bank of study questions were worded exactly like the exam itself and had me prepared and on the lookout for "trick" questions. I studied the two Gleim CMA Review books for approximately 40 hours in aggregate, then spent another 20 hours taking practice exams using Gleim's study questions, for a grand total of just 60 hours of study time. I also used the Gleim CPA Review system when I took and passed that exam as well. Gleim has been such a helpful and vital tool in my professional career and I would certainly recommend their products for anyone ready to take on the challenge of the CMA exam.

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The software is divided into the same 20 study units as in the Gleim CMA Review books.

The Gleim CMA Review Academic Site License program also provides your college or university with Gleim CMA Review books to help you achieve CMA exam success.