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Each Gleim CMA Review book covers a different part of the CMA exam and comes complete with outlines, multiple-choice questions, answer explanations, and essay questions to facilitate learning. Our intuitively appealing presentations promote study discipline, while challenging questions and explanations facilitate learning and understanding. These review books are available per part or as part of a set.

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In the early 1980s, Dr. Flesher began writing a CMA Review textbook, which he circulated to several publishers. The editors were always complimentary of the manuscript, but said the market was too small. Thus, no publisher was willing to take a risk on publishing his book. At the same time, unbeknownst to him, Gleim was also preparing a CMA Review book. Gleim was the successful publisher of the best-selling CPA Review books in the country. As a result, “Gleim” was a household name (at least in accountants’ households). Eventually, one of the editors to whom Dr. Flesher had submitted his manuscript told Gleim that Dr. Flesher was also working on a CMA Review book. As a result, Gleim called Dr. Flesher and suggested that the two should become coauthors. It did not take him long to realize that, because of Dr. Gleim’s reputation, half of the royalties on a Gleim/Flesher book would probably amount to much more than 100% of the royalties on a sole-authored Flesher book. Thus, Dr. Gleim and Dr. Flesher collaborated to produce what was to become the most successful in the world. At one time, about 95% of all CMAs had used the Gleim/Flesher materials to prepare for the exam. The Gleim/Flesher CMA Review is the trusted name in CMA preparation for 30+ years.

Gleim has self-published the most widely used CMA Review study books.

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