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When I began to write Christian book reviews of my favorite books, I naturally considered the Bible to be in a class by itself. Because it is inspired by God, it reveals truth that cannot be discovered. I approach the Bible as a voice from heaven, not a user's manual. It is not a book that was once written -- it is a voice that is speaking here and now. I encourage you to make the Bible your first reading priority. Try some of my favorites then share with us by submitting YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTIAN BOOKS on the below. At the bottom of this page, you can read the reviews readers have submitted.

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Christian Book Reviews is an interdisciplinary, co-operative, website dedicated to reviewing books and other media dealing with issues related to Christianity. These reviews are intended for the serious reader interested in church history, current affairs, missions and the history of missions, philosophy, politics, religion, religious dialogue, social issues, theology, and world religions. Each review will describe the content of a particular work before offering an evaluation in terms of its scholarly and practical significance.

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