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"'Feast of chess' is probably a hackneyed phrase in chess book reviews but there is hardly a better way to describe this book." - Phil Hughes, Chess Post

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John Hartmann is an award-winning chess book reviewer, a chess teacher, organizer, and tournament director in Omaha, Nebraska. Currently he writes for Chess Life, the British Chess Magazine, and his own website, , where the above article .

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Before I continue, I must confess that I know one of the authors, Danny Kopec, very well. We actually wrote a book together, Master Chess, in 1985 (it received glowing reviews). We played in the same team that won the Richardson Cup, the Chess equivalent of the F.A. Cup. In fact Danny was the captain and trainer of the team. Even so, all is fair in love and Chess book reviews. If I thought the book was hideous or appalling, two other words I have gleaned from recent reviews, then I would have waded in firing from both hips.