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It seemed that for most of the other kids in the class, understanding came easily and they didn't need to study to get good grades. I tried not to let that discourage me and I bought every calculus review book I could find and did problems until I had none left to do. It wasn't easy, I was borderline A/B throughout the year. To make things even worse, a guy in the class noticed that in the role book, my name had an asterisk next to it. He asked the instructor, in front of the entire class, why that mark was there. Now everyone knew that I was struggling to remain in the class. I could only imagine how embarrassed I might have felt if I
weren't in the advanced calculus class the following year. Fortunately, I never had to face that embarrassment. I made it to the class the following year. Since I had gotten into such good habits by doing practice problems the previous year, I did very well in the class. There were very few exams that I didn't get the top grade (everyone always knew what everyone else got since the class was small and the top
grade was always announced by the instructor). I even consistently beat the guy that had seen the asterisk next to my name!

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The 3 I'm studying on my own are Calculus AB, Macroeconomics, and Comparative Government. For the first two, I purchased Barron's books. So far for Macroeconomics I didn't find any problems with Barron's (it's not too difficult to understand) but I failed at comprehending Barron's Calculus (and math has always been my best subject). So I researched a little and found out 2 very popular Calculus review books are Princeton Review's and Peterson's. I went to Borders and saw Princeton's and Kaplan's. I chose Kaplan's because it has extra material on how to use a graphing calculator for the exam and the Princeton book does not tell you which part is for BC only, but I can't decide which book is easier to comprehend. Did I make the right choice? If not, which book should I buy?

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