Dark Faerie Tales is once again needing the help of a good reviewer or two. If you have a love of Paranormal, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy and Romance? We would love to add you to our staff. We have a bunch of new and old books to review and more titles are coming in every day.

Suggestions for additional books to review can also be made to the Book Review Editor.

Booksellers, librarians, reviewers, educators and media: browse by category or favorite publishers to request books to review. Your Profile provides key info about how you recommend and influence book purchases.

We do not assign our student book reviewers books to review.

I had so many books to review this year that this post needs a table of contents, so here it is:

Reviewing books is a primary responsibility of the AHR. Although we obviously cannot review every history book published, we do seek to be as comprehensive as possible. Our goal is to be as fair and thorough as we can in surveying and reporting on the most important contemporary historical scholarship. We realize that decisions about which books to review are inevitably judgments about what we consider to be the leading scholarship on the human past. We also recognize that notions of importance across disciplines are inherently subjective and change over time. We periodically reevaluate our procedures to ensure that our decision-making process is in accord with our best understanding of the needs and interests of the historians who are our readers.