This blog contains book reviews written by students at LMS.

The funds from this BEF grant will pay for membership to the online “Spaghetti Book Club”, which is a collection of book reviews written by students. Membership provides the teachers with lesson ideas for guiding the students through the book review writing process. This year long project ties to numerous ELA standards and will culminate with the students’ self-portraits, book reviews, and drawings published to the website.

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Phi Sigma Tau activities are open to any interested student. Official membership requires students to have completed two semesters or the equivalent at an accredited university, to rank in the upper 35% of their class and to have completed two semester courses in philosophy with a mean average higher than a “B.” The one time initiation fee is $25.00. Members receive the journal of the society, Dialogue, published twice yearly, which contains papers, discussion notes, and book reviews written by students. Members also receive the society’s newsletter published two or three times a year.

This blog contains book reviews written by students at LMS

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For more than a half-century, stayed with its tried and true format of college news augmented by poetryand creative essays. In the 1930s, many editorial departments took labels. "The Moon of Books" featured book reviews written by students. "The Round Table" became the scorecard for Holy Cross sports. "The Quadrangle" threw a bit of editorial commentary into the mix. In 1934, "The Coffeehouse" appeared, a column full of insider campus gossip.