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The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of Black Soldiers in the West is not a new book. Most of the text can be found in a first edition published in 1967 under the title The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West. A reader of the new edition gets the results of thirty-six years of between-edition research conducted by a variety of writers and historians. The Leckies' first edition was a groundbreaker because it opened a new chapter in the military history of the Western frontier, which emphasized the role of black soldiers in shaping the modern West. The first edition sold 75,000 copies, a fantastic "read" for a book that many readers would, by title and publisher, consider "academic." This means the script would be enlightening but turgid, contain a forest of footnotes, and possess a bibliography with virtually no end. The updated edition contains a reasonable number of footnotes at the bottom of the page, instead of at the end of the chapter, as is currently in vogue. Most of the books listed in the bibliography can be obtained with a minimum of effort. Maps are provided in the text along with an acceptable index at the end of the book. The real merit of both editions is the easy and interesting flow of the Leckies' prose. At times the reviewer found the book hard to put down. In toto it is a "good read," an expression often found at the conclusion of book reviews in newspapers and popular journals.

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