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Serpil is a founding member of the current IBBY Turkey and she has been an active member of the section ever since. She served on the IBBY Turkey Executive Committee from 2000 to 2002 and has also served as the liaison officer between IBBY and IBBY Turkey. She is the Turkish editor for the European Newsletter. Serpil has taught children’s literature classes and written book reviews for parents, as well as attending and participating in conferences and workshops throughout the region. She has studied at the International Youth Library in Munich and collaborated on bilingual projects with Greece and Netherlands.

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Your Kids, Your Life, Your Health
Women are making important healthcare decisions for their families every day. In this department, we cover personal stories of parents who may have experienced healthcare challenges with their children; we offer resources and book reviews for parents who are looking to educate themselves about issues related to health and parenting; and we provide inspiring profiles of organizations dedicated to pediatric health issues.

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